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Hey There!

Hi! I’m Skye, a design-obsessed creative with a fondness for fonts and a part time perfectionist. I’m always happy to help & support you with any and all your design needs. Read below to learn about me and my design style.

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A Little About Me

I’ve always felt that I was very creatively-oriented. Personal expression, whether it be through clothing, art, writing or film, it always grabbed my attention. Although I am unsure of my path in life, I know I wouldn’t be satisfied if I had no freedom to work creatively. That’s part of what led me to pursue graphic design.

Career Goals

Fashion has had a huge influence on me growing up. My parents have always encouraged me to express myself however I wanted, and from a young age, I would often dress myself up (even though the result could be disastrous). Using fashion and art as a way to express myself quickly became a passion. This passion grew into an aspiration to work within the industry of beauty, fashion and wellness. Using the skills I’ve learnt in the Graphic and Web Design program (GWD) at John Abbott College to guide me. I can see myself doing well in a marketing/communications role or one revolving around creative direction. Positions that, I feel, are complimented by my current skill set.


I have gotten the opportunity to put my skills to practice on a few different design projects. At the end of my first year in the program, I was commissioned by a gym owner to create a logo/illustration to use on merchandising for his gym. It was one of the first professional projects. The high-energy & bold visuals associated with the brand were outside of my comfort zone but it was a fantastic challenge and the result was something I was proud of.
Since that first project, I have also worked under contract with a medical company. There I create guidance documents for medical tools and surgical technique. I have also done in-house graphic work for the Royal Montréal Golf Club, one of the oldest golf clubs in North America. These experiences have given me important insight into the workforce and let me develop my skills in context.



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Although I mentioned my love of fashion, I have a lot of very different interests and I believe this variety in my personality has led me to be very flexible and versatile in my design work.

For instance, psychology, the way the mind works, has been a source of intrigue and fascination. This interest in analyzing human behaviour has allowed me to think more critically when brainstorming for projects. It also allows me to have a unique perspective when considering how best to communicate my own ideas and that of my client, visually.

Furthermore, one of my interests that has had the most influence on the way I view and think about design has been travelling. Experiencing new environments and immersing myself in the visual culture of a destination has created an awareness to the unique methods of expression used from place to place. It gives me a fresh view when approaching new design ideas.

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