Comprehensive Assessment

A continuation of spread two, this image is one of the spreads from the Sezane catalog, completed in Publication design class. It includes images of pieces from the collection along with written descriptions of the pieces that include their name and price. There are no drawn visuals on the spread but it maintains the same clean and minimalist look as the others. This spread's colour palette includes jewel tones.
This image is the outside of the brochure completed in Graphic Design two based on the jewellery company MYEL. The back cover is a large image of a woman wearing the pearl necklace featured on the front cover.
This image is a visual of the dust jacket created for the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, better known as Game of Thrones. The dust jacket itself is mostly a deep red colour with black and white detailing and a sword on the front. The look is minimalist and relies on subtle references to the book.
This acts as an example of an image after proper editing. It has had it's colours heavily edited to be made up of pinks, peaches and oranges. It depicts a teen at a lake with sun shining on him.
This is a screenshot of the landing page of an image gallery website created for web design in association with photography classes.
This is an image of one of the inside spreads of an instruction manual designed for the procreate app on iPad. The colour palette features colourful cool toned imagery on a black background.
This infographic completed in Design Studio two was made to visually communicate information relating to the success of a hypothetical Mexican restaurant in Montréal. The main colours used are a light blue, yellow and magenta.
This assignment was to create a magazine ad for our imagined restaurants. This is an imagined Mexican restaurant called Sucasa and the imagery is fresh clean and colourful food.
This acts as an example of an image after proper editing. It depicts a small alley with the first rays of sun shining through and illuminating a bike in the corner.
Professional stationary letterheads for the imagined travel agency Illo Adventures. This version features green organic shapes and elements to support the text and make it unique to the brand.
This acts as an example of an image after proper editing. It depicts a dog looking out a window with the sun shining through and lighting up his golden fur.
This image is a realistic drawing of a woman's face however it blends both stippling, hatching and crosshatching techniques in order to shade the image and create details.
This is a spread from the ebook version of the procreate instruction manual.
Taken from the about page of a website for the imagined travel agency Illo adventures. It displays the navigation bar in blue and about us message below it.
Blue background block on the website for the imagined travel company Illo adventures. It is a screenshot from the annual destinations page in mobile view. Number 17.
This is the contact form created for the Villa Girasole rental home in Sardinia. It features a blue button and a large visual of three children swimming in the clear turquoise water.
18. This is a page created as a concept for a John Abbott College internal newsletter. The images and articles featured are all regarding the sustainability efforts and have the sources listed on the document.
19. This is the magazine cover design for the imagined Montreal-based fashion and lifestyle magazine named Charisma MTL. The white word mark is placed on a black textured background.
6. The Illo adventure website page mockup on a computer.
This is a email newsletter created in Publication 1 for Nasa, updating subscribers on recent events in space.
This is the back of the ATE business card created for a first year graphic and web design student. The colour scheme and mood provided in the brief were warm colours, organic shapes and a retro seventies look.
The front and back cover of the photo book created for photography class, it includes the images taken throughout the semester. The cover is an image of a statue reaching up and the back cover is a black and white image of the morning sun lighting up a dark alleyway and illuminating a bike.
Red and white kids menu for an imagined Mexican restaurant named SuCasa.
This project consists of a variety of green logos put on a green background shaped like a leaf.
This acts as a thumbnail for the drink packaging project. It features a blue and green background with illustrated leaves and violet details. The front label say Cha cha Kombucha.“>
This is a still image from the animated video titled a dog's adventure. The still features a beige cartoon dog talking to a orange fish on a vibrant aquamarine underwater background.
The minimalist illustrated movie poster for Prisoners. It features a red whistle with a maze carved into the side, on a black background. It is display on a sign alongside a urban landscape.
E-portfolio website on a computer screen. In desktop. It displays the footer page.