What I want to do after graduation

Short Term Goals

With regard to my short-term goals after graduation, I am enthusiastic about pursuing a higher education in communications and/or marketing. However, there’s a slight hurdle in the form of necessary advanced math prerequisites that I currently do not have, in order to apply for a marketing program (Bachelor of Commerce). My strategy to overcome this is to simultaneously take the necessary math classes alongside my chosen program while in university. By doing so, I hope to efficiently acquire the missing prerequisites, which would then expand my options and make the marketing program a viable academic path. While this dual commitment may seem daunting, it’s not unfamiliar territory for me. Throughout college, I’ve successfully balanced the demands of work and studies, so I’m fairly confident in my ability to manage these new challenges. The key will be adapting to the increased workload and effective prioritizing of each task.

Near Future

Looking ahead in the near future, my focus will be on improving my web design skills and gaining a deeper understanding of how to effectively convey a brand or company’s message to consumers through visual means. I’m particularly excited about the upcoming internship period next semester. In fact, I’m determined to seek out an internship opportunity that aligns with my design style and personal interests. I believe that opportunities arise for those who actively seek them out, and I’m eager to apply this mindset to my career development.

To sum it up

In summary, my goals following graduation involve furthering my education in communications and marketing while simultaneously addressing the math prerequisites. I also plan to refine my design skills and gain work experience in an internship that aligns with my interests and style. Balancing all of these aspirations will be a challenge, but I’m confident that with dedication and adaptability, I can successfully navigate this exciting phase of my life.


About My Career Plan

Get to know me a little! Regarding my career plans, having a clear vision for the future and setting goals is undeniably important for progress. However, projecting oneself ten to fifteen years down the line in a career can be quite daunting. While I do have some broad aspirations, I find it extremely challenging to pinpoint precisely where I would like to be in a decade or more. I know I’d like to be financially stable, work in a field I’m passionate about, and be a homeowner.

I firmly believe that a role in creative leadership, perhaps as a Creative Director or a Marketing/Communications Director, would be a natural fit. The idea of guiding and steering creative endeavours and innovative campaigns resonates with me. However, I am very aware that I still have so much to explore and learn. Both about the world, and about myself as a designer. In this continuous process of personal growth, it feels too soon to determine a definitive vision of my future.

Despite the uncertainty, the prospect of developing not only as a designer but also as an individual is incredible. Each experience, each challenge, contributes to the mosaic of who I am becoming. 

Embracing this sense of open-ended possibility, I approach the future with a mix of excitement and anticipation. I want to seize opportunities as they come, learn from every experience, and allow my path to reveal itself. This way, I believe, I’ll not only reach for my goals but discover new ones that I may not even been aware of.

In essence, while I hold aspirations and have a sense of direction, I remain open to the unpredictability of the journey. The course of my career and personal growth is ever-evolving, and I am eager to see how the future unfolds.