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Hero banner with logo and tagline of Skye Designs overlayed on an image of the green tinted green sea and sky.Hero banner with logo and tagline of Skye Designs.

A self portrait, black and white photograph with illustrated pink and green flowers framing the subject. In association Skye's Graphic Design Eportfolio home page.

Hi! I’m Skye, a design-obsessed creative with a fondness for fonts and a part time perfectionist. I’m always happy to help & support you with any and all your design needs. So together,let’s bring your ideas to life!

About Me


Business cards, posters, documents, stationary and more. There are so many creative possibilities when it comes to print. Take a look at my print portfolio to get an idea of what I can do for you!


This image is one of the spreads from the Sezane catalog, completed in Publication design class. It includes images of pieces from the collection along with written descriptions of the pieces that include their name and price. The drawn visuals are done in a taupe colour and the whole spread has a clean and minimalist look
web thumbnail for Skye's Graphic Design Eportfolio. It is a landscape image of computer alongside a sketchbook.


Check out some of the websites I’ve designed and coded while taking a deeper look into the process work, planning and aspects that usually go unnoticed. From clean and minimal to fun and bold, let’s create a site tailored to your vision.


This the thumbnail for Skye's Graphic Design Eportfolio. The visuals are of an open book with a realistic ink pen drawing on one side and a photographic image on the other.

Side Project

Check out my photography and illustrative work to get a better idea of some of the skills that compliment my design approach.



A small star illustration acts as a divider between ideas on the website. It is a decorative piece.

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