Photography Gallery

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Image for photography page. It shows a dark alley with light filtering in and shining on a lone bike, bathing the alley in warmth.
Image for photography page. Birds fly between church buildings at sunrise at Il Duomo di Firenze.
Image for photography page. A white marble statue of two men and a women reaching above each other sits underneath the arched roof of an old stone building.
Image for photography page. A row of renaissance era lion statues carved from stone rest on pillars.
Street in Venice opens up to the canals where gondolas are lined up in the earl morning. The street is shrouded in darkness white the buildings on the opposite end of the canal gleam with light.
Depicts the bridge of sighs in Venice, Italy. The light of the rising sun casts interesting shadows across the bridge while the light brings out the vibrancy of the colours surrounding it.
Winding street in Venice with morning sunlight gleaming off the apartments windows onto the street below.
Cold shadowed archway opens up to a warm and light canal filled with vibrant colours.
A girl runs into a path walled by tall hedges and through a gap in the branches of a tree the beginnings of a grand palace can be seen.
A grey statue stands pondering on a backdrop of greenery.
Passed the darkened silhouette of branches, the enormity of the Italian Dolomites stand tall against the blue sky.
Framed by the silhouette of trees a green landscape of forest is reflected of the still waters of a lake.
Above the electric blue waters of a still lake sit a forest at the base of the Italian Dolomites.
Surrounded by small orange houses and endless rolling hills sits a fortified castle center.
A tower framed by the silhouette of two densely leafed trees.
A young boy with curly hair looks intensely into the camera on a stone wall background.
A teen boy in a grey sweatshirt stands in a field leaning against a bright red fire hydrant.
A teen girl in black top and pearl earrings stands at the edge of the water at a sandy beach as window blows through her hair.
A teen boy in a leather jacket stares into the distance and the light from the setting sun hits one side of his face.
Two napkins folded in glasses stand in focus while a blurry figure sits behind them in a nice atmospheric shot.
A landscape shot showing the Pest side of Budapest.
A motorcycle with two passengers drives down a winding road around the edge of a mountain.
Sunglasses sit on a textured white ledge with sun shining through them.
A teen boy with curly hair in a thick green winter coat and a white cable knit sweater stands in front of a barn door.
A teen boy in a grey sweatshirt stands in a field leaning towards the camera.
A teen boy with curl hair in a green cardigan sits at a peer on a sunny day.
A trolley of rolled canvas sits in the middle of a field of wheat.